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All About Rancho Rosenhill
Rancho Rosenhill
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The History of Rancho Rosenhill
Rancho Rosenhill is named after my family estate in Sweden; “Rosenhill” is on the Kings garden grounds in Stockholm, Sweden. Since Rancho Rosenhill is located in Southern California, the Spanish title “Rancho” was added into the name. My racing silks are the Swedish flag colors of Blue & Yellow.

I have been involved with Thoroughbred Race Horses for over 25 years. I have seen all levels, as I have been a groom, a gallop rider, a trainer, an owner & breeder. My experiences in the industry allows me to better understand what is needed to prepare young horses for a successful future in racing. I also know that well bred Race Horses truly love the sport. They are doing what they were born to do!
Opening up the private sale of partnership shares in my young horses allows me to be able to maintain more horses on the race track. It also makes a wonderful opportunity for the newcomer into the world of racing to get started and enjoy the sport without taking a large risk or making a large investment.
We are located in San Diego County in the town of Fallbrook. Our horses race throughout the major Southern California tracks. We only produce Cal-Breds so each horse is qualified for additional purse money.

Here are some of the features of our horse facility. Rancho Rosenhill has a 40 foot sand round pen, special open air extra large 20' X 30' foaling stall with video monitoring, large runs for all the horses, a safe enclosed wash rack with hot & cold water, automatic fly spray system, automatic feeders feeding 10 times per day - every 2 hours, and a wonderful manure 4 bin oxygen compost system!

Everything here is about the safety and comfort of the horses!
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Lita Tabish, M Ed.
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Partnership Info:
Horse Partnerships
Our program is set up for partnerships not syndication. If you purchase a share in one of our horses you would become a "real" owner. Your name is placed on the registration papers of the horse of your choice. This is not a program where there are hundreds of so called UNIT owners in any given horse.

Purchase Prices:
The sale of partnership shares in each of these young unraced horses are being offered as follows. Each horse is available in 15% shares to be purchased before the horse races. If there are shares available after racing has begun the price will increase. Each 15% share can have up to 3 multiple owners, so you can buy together with some friends if you like.

You would be entitled to 15% of all purse money your purchased horse earns. Sample: Billy’s Echo (see him at "Horses" page) won 8 races & earned $340,000+. A 15% owner would have received $51,000+ for their ownership share.

Expense Breakdown:
All expenses will be prorated out for the percentage owned. You may purchase as many shares as you would like, in one or all our listed horses. Please e-mail for files containing detailed estimates for the costs involved while your horse is at each stage of development. The expense costs are the same for every horse. All costs are subject to change.

The Process:
The young horse up to almost age 2 would stay at Rancho Rosenhill gaining all basic skills and growing up. Once the horse is mature enough and knees have closed per x-ray (or very close), the horse will be moved to a training center. The horse will stay at the training center for 4-5 months getting trained, conditioned and schooled to the track & starting gate. Once the horse is going well, it will be moved to the race track and will be put into full race training and begin racing when ready. A new young horse on average takes an additional 90-120 days of race track training to be prepared for her first race. Once racing fit, the average racehorse can safely race once a month.

Fun Benefits:
Once you purchase a share you will become a Licensed Owner. This will allow you into the Barn area (the Backside) at the race track at anytime. You can watch the morning gallops & work outs and be a part of your horses training program. Ownership also allows you special reserved seats on the day your horse races, race day passes to use at any California race track, access to the Owners lounge & valet parking.

Tax Benefits:
All horse expenses, entertainment, travel, & purchase price could be written off as business expenses if you set this venture up as a planned business NOT a hobby. You would need to set up a business plan, keep accurate books, and have a separate bank account. Please consult your tax accountant for complete advise on the tax benefits from owning Race Horses.

Here is your chance to own a Professional Athlete (one that will never ask you for a raise). Join in the FUN, and possibly win some MONEY!
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